B&G Electric Repair & Installations
Does your home need electrical work? We’re a licensed electrical contractor that is registered with the State of Texas. We’re experts in small troubleshooting problems all the way to replacing panels. Whatever your needs, we have you covered.


Troubleshooting & Repairs
Replace Breakers
Install Ceiling Fans
Install Lighting
Install New Outlets, Switch, or Jacks
Complete Home Safety Checks
Surge Protection
Replace Panels/Meters
And Any Other Electrical Needs In Your Home

Troubleshooting & Repairs
Replace Ballast & Lamps
Replace Panels
Hook Up New Equipment
And Any Other Electrical Needs In Your Business
What Separates B&G Electric from the others?


B&G Electric – We price by the job, not the hour. Our Up Front Pricing gives you the final price before we ever start any work. If it takes us longer then expected your not charged, our technicians are trained to make the repairs efficiently which saves you time and money.

Our Competition – They price by the hour, the longer it takes the more they get paid? At the end of the service call they tell you how much material and labor it was, and you have no choice but to pay it. That’s not fair.


B&G Electric – We give you a small (2) hour window, and we call 30 minutes before we get there.

Our Competition – They typically give at least a (4) hour window, call if you beg pretty please, and hardly ever show up on time, and when they don’t you don’t get anything for your inconvenience.


B&G Electric – About 1% of technicians that apply are given a job. That’s 1 out of 100. They underground background checks, drug testing, aptitude test, technical test, and then are trained for several weeks before sending them out to your home. We want to make sure that whoever is coming to your home knows what they are doing, and you feel comfortable with them. All technicians are licensed.

Our Competition – They typically don’t background check or drug test their employees, and if they do there is no company which continually trains their employees on safety, continually drug test, and constantly keeps a happy work atmosphere more than The WireNut. Basically, they higher the people we don’t, enough said.

Travel Charge

B&G Electric – We Tell You Up Front About Our Travel Charge, No Suprises, No Hidden Charges. It doesn’t fluctuate based on if you want same day service or next day service, and everyone gets charged the same thing, not who you are or how big or little your home is.

Our Competition – They will charge you more the first hour, more for materials, and/or not tell you about it at all and hope you don’t notice it. There are some companies in Denver area that charge you more($150!) if you want some one to come out today, or charge you more based on what part of town you live in, or how much money they think you make. That’s not right!


B&G Electric – We have at least a (1) year warranty on all parts and labor that we do, and up to (5) years on a lot of things. Our goal is to fix it right once, the first time. For some reason if it fails, we will be out day or night to fix it at no cost to you. We state the warranty on every invoice.

Our Competition – Typically the longest warranty in the industry is about (1) year on parts and labor, and good luck getting someone to honor it. It can be the typical, “we will be out there next week” just because they know they aren’t getting anymore of you money.


B&G Electric – We are so confident we will do the job right, we are willing to say that if you aren’t 100% satisfied, you don’t have to pay us, anything. That is how we guarantee our work, and we state that on every invoice.

Our Competition – ???

Same Day Service

B&G Electric – We offer same day service to customers daily, we understand that your problems need to be fixed now!

Our Competition – Depending on the time of year, you may be lucky to get someone in the next couple of days.


Do we think that our competition are bad people, or are trying to intentionally get the best of someone, no. Do we feel that we do more than them to earn and keep your business, you know it! We are dedicated to being the best electrical service company in town, and we aren’t going to stop until we are there. We don’t like to call them bad and as good, we just look at it as being “different”.

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